A phone number must be supplied for both customer and recipient. Please ensure the correct delivery address is given and correct delivery suburb fee is chosen to avoid additional delivery charges or a re delivery fee. If additional chargers or a redelivery is required you will be contacted by one of our friendly staff to request additional delivery fee.


On the rare occasion due to flowers being a “seasonal” product, substitution may sometimes apply. If this is necessary our florist/s will endeavour to use similar color and quality flowers. The price will be of equal or higher value at the expense of the florist.  If the substitution is for a vase/chocs/ or flowers once again same conditions apply.

(if substitution is necessary we will automatically do this and no phone call will be made to the customer unless the order is totally different, in this case we will contact customer and discuss other options)


In the case of lily orders due to the fact our flowers are ordered in fresh on a daily basis, the lilies may be closed and will take a couple of days to open. If we supply fully bloomed lilies the life span is limited. Rest assured your lilies will open and produce a lovely lasting desirable display of colour and sometimes perfume. We like our flowers to have a long lasting effect…..Good things come to those who wait!